About us

Off Cliff Adventures is an emerging adventure travel company in India. Its founders - Suhas Vishwasrao, Aniruddha Bopardikar, and Sumeet Sonawane are spearheading the company with passion for adventures and traveling, which is the foundation of the company’s core values.


We are the firm believer of the fact that traveling is all about exploring the visceral sense of traveling experiences and creating moments. Off Cliff Adventures offers tailor-made, luxury adventure trips and creates a stage of adventure lovers to take one step forwards towards making their dream of going on the best adventure trip of their lives.


The tourism sector is constantly brimming with innovative and unique tours and trips for travel enthusiasts. Off Cliff Adventures is a small company in the huge adventure tourism industry. Being among the biggest adventure enthusiasts out there, we possess the same passion as yours when you decide to go on that adventure expedition of your dreams.

In the industry that is swamped with frightfully professional and highly commercialized tour packages, we are standing our ground with a personal touch to our well-planned and organized adventure trips. It is our vision to balance our values of remarkable professionalism and boundless passion for thrill; to provide you the best adventure holiday of your dream with a team of competent and skilled travelers that’s got your back!


At Off Cliff Adventures, we believe in finding joy in the adrenaline rush. Most of us are living their biggest fears every day and not their passion for life. Our mission is to give each of us the power to take an adventure vacation, not fright!

We aim to take you through the world’s amazing adventures and help you to live some of the best moments of your life. By constantly updating the unique adventure itineraries we create for you, we plan to be your most-trusted adventure travel partner and create extraordinary travel experiences every time you choose to go with us.