Why Us

We understand that there is nothing more dreadful than finding a trustworthy adventure trip planner! While you search on the internet how you can choose the best adventure travel company, we have our own list why Off Cliff Adventures can be ‘The One’ adventure travel company you must choose this year.


Genuine and Authentic Adventure Travel Experience

Being among the biggest adventure travel aficionados, our team creates extraordinarily unique itineraries for you based on personal experiences. We believe in living the moment to the fullest so as you can go home with the most amazing and authentic experiences.

Our knowledge expertise in local specialties and personal connections we have developed with locals at several adventure travel destinations is what makes our each trip more authentic than ever. We strive to add locations that are not on the maps of popular tourist destination but are worth visiting.


Theme-based Trips – Our Strong Suit!

While we offer all the conventional types of adventure trips, we believe more in cherishing unique local attractions, like various festivals, events, and seasonal, destination-based activities. We believe it is our forte.

We are on the constant lookout for unique and fun festivals conducted across the world, in well-known as well as less-known tourist destinations. Our research team of wanderers spread across the globe is busy designing unusual and eclectic trips that will be 100% ‘adventurtaining’ and will definitely feature in the list of the best trips of your life.


Tailor-made Adventure Trips for Small Groups

At Off Cliff Adventures, we believe in quality over quantity. We reminisce our own experiences as adventure travelers in the past while planning trips for you, and we understand that ‘Smaller the Better’, when it comes to the number of people going on the same adventure trip.


The only reason for keeping the group size small is that it enables us to ensure the best travel experience for each one of you. With small groups, we can meet our singular goal to add a personal touch to our tailor-made, well-organized adventure trips and make sure each one from the group goes back home with unforgettable moments of his/her life.


Utmost Safety is Our Priority

Our incredible team of adventure travel experts have the singular, most-important agenda for each trip―your safety. We have equipped ourselves with the most advanced and high-tech travel gear that must be carried on an adventure trip.


While we strive to do everything in our capability to steer clear of mishaps and potential hazards, we come up with a fool-proof risk management plan. We make sure to practice damage control exercises periodically, so we can be prepared to face the perils of adventure trips and do everything in our control.